Say hello to Routing

People using the git version of Traverso already can enjoy the powerful routing framework that has been added to Traverso. At the end of 2009 we started talking about Routing in Traverso and some initial steps were made then.
Couple of weeks ago we talked about improved navigation, which is shaping up really nice now, but at the same time we've been improving and extending the routing capabilities in Traverso.

And now it's up to the point that we're sure it will satisfy the need of most users!
Route from an Audio Track directly to jack ports or the hardware device, or route that Track to an internal Bus, or both! Buses can be routed equally to jack ports/hardware device or to other Buses!

Routing from an Audio Track to a Bus can be done with pre and post Sends. Each Send has it's own gain and pan parameter, so you can fine tune all your levels.

All the routing for a Track (either an Audio Track or Bus) can be done from within the new Track Manager Dialog.
Easy yet powerful!

Can't wait till the next release is out? Go to the compilation page, and follow the instructions to download and compile the git version!
Usual disclaimer: you may experience some bugs you won't see in a stable release.

Have any questions? Please register (if you didn't do already) in the Forum, and we'll try to help you as good as we can!

Kind regards, the Traverso Team.